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Joe Beier

Joe’s self-titled album of guitar driven instrumental music that works hard to speak to us from the heart.

In The Light

This mostly instrumental album features Joe’s new arrangements of popular Christmas songs and two originals.


These playlists are collections of unofficially released compositions by Joe that have not been included on any albums. They are intended to showcase his efficient ability to  create a various styles of music that is well suited for television, film, internet, and podcast use.

Here is a collection of drum beats made by Joe to facilitate in the practice of your instrument. Some are played straight through and some have breaks to help you practice your timing during musical spaces. Focus on internalizing the beat when the drums break.

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Need your album or song mixed? Joe’s meticulous attention to detail gives his mixes a finely polished and distinguishable character.


Need to record your music? Joe has over 20 years of experience recording for himself and other artists.


Joe has always seen the big picture and has countless ideas for musical arrangements when it comes to record or playing music.


Need string or band parts composed or written out? Joe clearly notates parts that will be easily interpreted by musicians.


Do you want to learn how to play music or simply advance your current set of skills? Joe will get you going in the direction you want.


Do you need a custom song written for a project? Joe has been writing music for most of his life and can write in many styles.

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