Get in touch with Joe about parts of the music process you would like help with.


One of the great ways the music technology has developed in recent years is the ability for nearly anyone to record their own music at home using their computer. Recording a song can be easy, but getting a professional sounding final mix of all the parts combined can be quite a challenge sometimes. So many factors come into play in achieving that polished sound and sometimes getting a professional sounding result requires an experienced set of ears.

While Joe has been mixing his own recordings for many years, he has also done a variety of work for other artists be it a mix for one song, or producing and mixing an entire album. Beyond just the technical aspects of balancing all the parts to a recording , he sees making a mix of a song as an important step in the creative process and uses effects and care to create depth, space, and dynamics in his mixes. Although Joe uses many industry standard plug-ins, it is his ears and creative vision that make his mixes stand out.

It’s never been easier to get help from anyone in world to make your recording come to life no matter where you are located. With the internet today, sending audio tracks back and forth using services such as Dropbox or Google Drive is a breeze. If you need help with your song, get in touch with Joe as he would be happy to help you dial in your mix.


Are you looking for a guitarist? Joe has performed well over a thousand shows and is comfortable on many types of stages.


Need your album or song mixed? Joe’s meticulous attention to detail gives his mixes a finely polished sound and distinguishable character.
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Need to record your music? Joe has over 20 years of experience recording and producing for himself and other artists. From arrangements to your sound, he will get you there.


Are you looking for another writer to collaborate with or o you need a custom song written for a project? Talk to Joe about what you’re doing or where you need help.


Do you want to learn how to play music or simply advance your current set of skills? Joe will get you going in the direction you want.


Need string or band parts composed or written out? Joe clearly notates parts that will be easily interpreted by musicians.


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