Joe’s latest album, Boundless Soul, will be released May 1, 2020. Check out more info

Let this Christmas album bring you happiness, peace, joy and love every holiday season! Check out IN THE LIGHT

Check out Think Twice by BEIER, produced with collaborator, Tom Beier!


Joe Beier

Joe’s self-titled album of guitar driven instrumental music that works hard to speak to us from the heart.

In The Light

This mostly instrumental album features Joe’s new arrangements of popular Christmas songs and two originals.

Boundless Soul

This collection of mostly improvised pieces exudes a peaceful depth that reflects the life experience into music. 

Think Twice

Think Twice is a full on rock extravaganza collaboration with co-writer/producer Tom Beier that displays a colorful look at Joe’s guitar, writing, and production skills.

Joe Beier – Joe Beier
Joe Beier – In The Light

Boundless Soul

These playlists are collections of unofficially released compositions by Joe that have not been included on any albums. They are intended to showcase his efficient ability to  create a various styles of music that is well suited for television, film, internet, and podcast use.

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