Three years ago to the day I went straight from an evening gig to a Delta airplane at MSP airport that flew directly to Europe. And it wasn’t for another gig. It was for a lovely woman I met on Instagram a couple months earlier with whom I had been texting, Skyping, and WhatsApp-ing every day. You might say I was a little whipped but we both felt it was important that we meet as we sensed a soulmate kind of connection across the Atlantic. We first met in person on May 1, 2017 when she picked me up at the airport at 5:45pm and everything was amazing. A year later in May we became engaged and a year ago on May 1st, she arrived in the USA and we were married a few short weeks after that. The first reason I’m telling you this story is because tomorrow is May 1st and I’m releasing an album of mellow instrumental pieces to celebrate no limits to our dreams as humans, and it is called Boundless Soul. The second reason is because I sent some of these songs to this boundless soul before I met her in person as that was one of the few things I was able to give her from afar. She said that the songs are beautiful and it would be great if I release them to the world.

So here we are at May 1, 2020, a special day for my wife and me and Boundless Soul is ready for you to hear. The album is a collection of pieces written on the guitar that I started recording as far back as 2003. They were composed and improvised at different times throughout my adult life for different reasons and were influenced by many experiences. Although my original intent wasn’t to include them on an album together, they are all connected in the way they present an emotional feeling. Peace. Hope. Joy. Darkness. Loss. Love. Longing. Sentimentality. Depth. The last several months have been unimaginably difficult for so many people in the world and I wanted to get these out now in hopes people listening can feel a sense of peace and comfort in the music.

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When I considered putting them on an album, I felt the need for them to flow together a little better sonically. The acoustic guitar songs originally were solo acoustic and very simple. Some of the electric guitar pieces were just one guitar. The melodies were not very complex. As a guitarist who loves guitar pedals and interesting sound effects and mixing production techniques, I wanted to create a little more mood and depth in the music. I added electric guitar parts to most of the tracks using different techniques, tools and pedals—slide guitar, tremolo, delays, reverbs, a whammy pedal, an eBow, precise finger plinks on the strings—the list goes on. Really a guitarist’s dream! As I mixed the songs in the studio, I used EQ to shape each part a little more, panning techniques to have different sounds move left to right or right to left, and I added different delays and reverb to give a sense of depth in a large expansive space on some of the songs. That sense of space and ambience in music really can add an emotional impact, but so can a very simple upfront guitar which I did as well. I feel like all these things working together and the variety help convey the different emotions I mentioned above and also help connect these pieces together in a way that is cohesive to the listener.

Wherever you are in the world, wherever you are in your life, and however you may be feeling, I hope this music brings you peace, joy, comfort, love, and happiness. I hope you chase your dreams if you have a deep sense of direction and don’t ever hold back! Everybody is a boundless soul. And if you read this far and are looking for more energetic entertaining music with lyrics, funk, grooviness and pop elements, stay tuned because I have them coming. They are baking in the music oven. Peace!

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