Here are some drum beats to play along with that are great for practicing your rhythm—everything from your groove to feel to timing. They are great for guitar, bass, piano, or any instrument practice. You can play funk, rock, country, bluegrass, metal, or any style of music with these. They are extremely basic so it is easier to focus on fundamentals. Sometimes practicing with a metronome can get boring so hopefully these beats can help inspire you—for practice and for songwriting. Below is a playlist of different grooves and BPM’s. Practice scales, arpeggios, timing, groove, and tones, or invent new riffs and groovy ideas and get yourself inspired to write new songs!

Some of the beats have breaks and spaces that continue to get longer as the drum beat goes on. The goal here is to stay in time during the breaks and to be tight when the drums come back in every time. It is easy to rush when you are rocking those crazy new and exciting riffs, so just breathe easy!

Click in the upper left hand corner of this video window to see all the videos in this playlist.

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